Bernardi Roig

‘Bernardí Roig. Todos los icebergs son negros. Films 2000-2018’ at Tabacalera, Madrid

Feb 7 - Mar 31, 2019

The exhibition 'Bernardí Roig. Todos los icebergs son negros. Films 2000-2018' encourages the investigation, analysis and revision of the complex universe of the artist from the presentation and decoding of his audiovisual work, displayed in an exciting scenographic disposition, as an initiatory journey between the appropriation and recreation of his images and visual constructions.

His audiovisual work is the surface on which the fundamental lines of his creative process that always starts from drawing solidify in movement. It is a synthesis of a faceted universe, a baroque of cultured metaphors that through a certain narrative reveals its obsessions and the obstinacy to combat the incommunication of the human being in front of a destiny condemned to extinction.

On this occasion, to overcome the challenge of exhibiting in Tabacalera, the artist has recorded the film «La Joie de Vivre» in the Tabacalera spaces, which is materialized in a large multi-channel installation at the entrance of the exhibition. Bernardí Roig has called a group of women as a tribute to the first women’s union group, Las cigarreras; rebellious, passionate and independent that united the precariousness of the condition of working woman to fortify it.

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Descendants or not of that social force, raised in their high-heeled shoes, naked and full of carnality inhabit their generous bodies with fullness. They are splendid presences, signaled by life and filled with graffiti, tattoos and scars. There, in Tabacalera, as in Matisse’s painting «La Joie de Vivre», they pursue, occupy and expand those spaces with their laughter, hugs, confidences and raids, harassed and filmed by a drone; that eye with wings.

Curator: Nekane Aramburu

08.02.2019 – 31.03.2019