Almudena Lobera

‘Stories’ at Espacio CDMX, Mexico City

Jan 30 - Mar 20, 2020

With Stories, Almudena Lobera proposes another way of visiting an art exhibition, modifying the usual logic which applies to the location of the work, the space which contains it and its viewer.

In this case, the exhibition will be moving around continuously on a conveyor belt on which the works are installed, while the viewer will have to stop to gaze through a window and let the exhibition pass in front of him or her, maybe even recording it with their Smartphone without having to move. With this project, Almudena Lobera reflects on perception, representation and the place of the viewer in contemporary society. The pieces (conceived to fit into a necessarily linear reading) are autonomous works that create connections between traditional art genres and techniques and digital image treatment apps while simultaneously conversing with the very device which displays them. This project aims to present the public with a critical and ironic staging of the mechanisms of consumption and communication that prevail nowadays.

Project produced with the support of a 2018 Leonardo Grant for Researchers and Cultural Creators, BBVA Foundation. / Exhibition supported by the AC/E Mobility Program.

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