Bernardi Roig

Nov 1 - Dec 30, 2023

The artist Bernardí Roig participates in the exhibition 'Imagine. Fantasies, Dreams, Utopias' at the Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art in Riyadh, as part of BIENALSUR 2023.

The artwork Practicas de atención, 2007  (Practices of Attention) by Bernardí Roig  is part of the exhibition ‘Imagine. Fantasies, Dreams, Utopias’ at the Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art in Riyadh, as part of BIENALSUR 2023. This exhibition is presented to the viewer in two distinct spaces: the urban environment and the halls of SAMOCA. The works in public space serve as both a signal of attention and a stimulus that surprises with presences that alter the perceptual reality of the space, revealing new or unexpected aspects that shed light on fantasy and creativity.

Most of the selected international artists are references in the type of work presented, and their works are largely new projects or site-specific versions conceived especially for Riyadh. Each will leave its mark on the territory and guide the imaginary itinerary of each viewer in the exhibition. The SAMOCA building, the Saudi Arabian Museum of Contemporary Art in JAX, will also be presented as a new presence in the region, and its facade will enter into a dialogue with public space, seeking a connection between exterior and interior to continue the imaginative, surprising, and kaleidoscopic experience that the exhibition Imagine aims to evoke.

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This unprecedented format in the BIENALSUR cartography establishes an expanded curatorial practice that not only represents an invitation to adopt an alert and creative gaze, stimulating imagination and fantasy but also introduces aspects related to the relationship with the environment and cultural memory, which currently hold a central place in global agendas.