Ryan Brown

Variations on a Theme

Apr 1 - May 20, 2017

Galería Max Estrella has the pleasure to present the first solo exhibition by Ryan Brown in Spain. With an extensive background in the United States, Mexico and Lima, city he shares with New York, Ryan Brown’s work uses the best suited medium for his conceptual discourse. Performance, painting, sculpture, photographic series and installation praise and simultaneously question art, modern and contemporary artists, as well as History of Art narratives, manifestos and the market systems they rely on.

For this exhibition, the artist takes as starting point Douglas Hofstader’s essay I Am a Strange Loop, in which he defines conscience as a dance of symbols in a brain, that at the same time is perceived by other symbols gradually extending the dance to broader circles. In other words, when we perceive an object, we perceive our own perception of the object and that goes on indefinitely. Ryan Brown translates this process into the exhibition aiming to incorporate the aspects of artistic production, presentation and distribution; from the most basic impulse of creation to the highly systemized ways of cultural exchange. Via incorporation of elements present in almost all galleries but not considered part of the exhibition (press release, artist catalogue, price list, etc.) the theme of the show revolves around self-reflection and internal dialogue.

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