Javier Arce, Arancha Goyeneche

Recent works

Jun 19 - Oct 4, 2002

The works by Arancha Goyeneche presented belong to a series of thirty vinyl collages collected under the generic title of Found Landscape. They evoke winter landscapes, allude to an experience and a certain date, inspired by nature, silence, music, travel, memory... They are made with photography and adhesive vinyl, resulting in pieces inscribed in a border territory between painting and photography, figuration and abstraction.

Despite the fact that the artist uses photography as medium of expression, it cannot be considered a strictly photography exhibition. The way in which Goyeneche constructs her works is unequivocally comparable to that of a painter when making a painting, that is, by successive superposition of layers. For years she has delved into the parameters and qualities of painting with materials traditionally foreign to this discipline, especially those from the industrial world. In this way, she takes photographs of nature that serve as a background, to later superimpose fragments of vinyl on it as brush strokes, some shiny, others matte, translucent…
Javier Arce presents us on this occasion a series of pieces in which he achieves a balance between organic form, and residual and synthetic matter (silicone, polyester resin, burnt oil, polyuromethane…), between the aseptic and the toxic . Some of his works like Objeto exclusivo extend beyond the piece itself through a system of reflections where the architectural context acquires great relevance. In others, the viewer is the indispensable element, creating a perfect symbiosis generated through his reflection, in such a way that the piece not only appropriates the spectator, but also invites him to immerse himself in it. The variety of materials with which Arce works make him a highly versatile creator. His organic sculptures are attractive because of the use of color, materials, textures and structures of objects that provoke a mixture of mysterious and disturbing feelings.
Javier Arce belongs to the last generation of Cantabrian artists. In 2000 he has shown his work at Santander Museum of Fine Arts, Caja Madrid (Generation 2000) and has been invited to intervene at Tránsito fair, Toledo. In 2002 he received a scholarship from Casa de Velázquez in Madrid.
Among the most recent exhibitions by Arancha Goyeneche, “Beautiful Illusions” stands out at the Sala Luz Norte of the Government of Cantabria in Santander, held in March 2002, its catalog includes images of her latest works. In 2001 she received the Plastic Arts Grant from Fundación Marcelino Botín in Santander and in 1999 she exhibited at Sala Amadís del Injuve in Madrid. Her work is represented in the most prestigious contemporary art collections in Spain.