Roland Fischer

Recent works

Oct 3 - Nov 8, 2003

Max Estrella Gallery presents a selection of the latest large-format works by the renowned German photographer Roland Fischer. His new works from the Cathedrals series, which were recently produced in Spain, will also be on view next September in two major solo exhibitions at the Galician Center for Contemporary Art in Santiago de Compostela and at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich.

After focusing his attention on portraiture throughout the 1980s in the series Los Angeles Portraits (serial human faces emerging from a swimming pool), Roland Fischer approached architectural representation in the 1990s with the same apparent objectivity and critical distance. In the Cathedrals series, the elevation, transparency, and spirituality of Gothic architecture are suggested from the superposition of the outer surface and inner depth, combining constructive and ornamental elements of the building in the same photographic plane.