Curro Ulzurrun

Recent work

Mar 29 - Apr 30, 2001

Curro Ulzurrun (Madrid, 1959) presents a selection of his most recent works at Max Estrella gallery.

Recently selected for the exhibition curated by Fernando Francés Ideas on the concept, an approach to current Spanish sculpture (Dec.2000-January, 2001) at Pamplona City Hall, Ulzurrun belongs to the generation of Spanish sculptors, who, penetrated by the footprint of the minimal art have been characterized by an extremely exquisite work and a deep formal rigor that eliminates all anecdotes. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Madrid, Ulzurrun began in experimental sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago and later at the Mansaku Foundation in Japan; His presence has been common at ARCO fairs since 1988, and his latest exhibitions include the Barjola Museum in Gijón in 1999 and the Pablo Gargallo Museum in Zaragoza in 2000.