Roland Fischer

New Architectures

May 26 - Jul 31, 2009

In New Architectures, Max Estrella Gallery presents a selection of the latest large-format works by the renowned German photographer Roland Fischer, who has been developing his creative work through various series. Currently, he focuses his work on the colorful spaces created by the Mexican architect Luis Barragán, as well as on emblematic buildings of contemporary architecture such as the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier and other authors such as Calatrava, Siza or Niemeyer, synthesizing, often in a single composition combining several different images of these buildings.

Considered one of the exponents of the influential German school of photography, Fischer has focused his work on portraiture in the broadest sense of the term. It portrays the skin or the facade of both people and architecture. Thus, the facades of contemporary buildings are stripped of references until they become mere abstractions.

A compulsive traveler, he has traveled the 5 continents to show his particular vision of the world looking for contemporary buildings with a special symbolic charge. The protagonists of his images are brief and dense fragments of headquarters of corporations and large companies in Paris, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing

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By fragmenting the skin of the building, Fischer transforms architecture into geometry, into artificial shapes and colors and technological nuances referring to the cold urbanism of a stereotypical and yet spectacular society. Thus, during his long stay in China, where its dizzying architecture allowed him to develop his series “Façades”, at the same time he resumed the series of portraits with beautiful busts of oriental women submerged in monochrome pools.

Roland Fischer’s work is represented in some of the most important European and American collections of contemporary art, including those of the Museums of Modern Art in Paris, Strasbourg and Antwerp.