Aitor Ortiz

Muros de luz

Mar 8 - Apr 26, 2006

Max Estrella Gallery presents new work by Aitor Ortiz, with an exhibition titled Muros de luz. This project addresses the issue of the wall and its visual instability, its fluctuating position between forwards and backwards. A dilemma with a formal origin, which has to do with our most intimate experience of space.

The contrast between the organicity of landscape and the structuredness of the marble-quarrying process drew me to create other construction possibilities based on the experience of a photographer and an architect, in order to set up, suggest and verify new spaces.

The close and the unencompassable, the visible and the imaginable, the limits between the inhuman and the habitable, between light and shadow, dangerousness and dizziness are recurring points in this work.

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This series of photographs was made in cooperation with an architect, Josep Egea. A number of images was used to spark a dialogue between architect and photographer, addressing the idea of physical vacating by means of virtual procedures and mechanisms pertaining to perception and visual interpretation in order to underline the construction of a mental space, a place of coordinates that do not exist but nevertheless take form before our eyes.

In general, the project is oriented toward producing realities that are immaterial but that the mind is capable of building. Suggesting and reconstructing from the viewer’s individual experience. A place of friction between physical space and mental construction.