Aitor Ortiz


Jan 30 - Mar 15, 2003

After his recent opening at Sala Rekalde in Bilbao, an exhibition accompanied by a trilingual catalog with texts by Horacio Fernández, Rosa Olivares, Javier San Martín and Piedad Solans, Max Estrella Gallery presents in Madrid ‘Modular’, the new photographic series by Aitor Ortiz.

Organized in two large series entitled Modular mod – 190 x 120 cm photographs on methacrylate with a metal tilting frame— and Modular rec – 50 x 50 and 100 x 100 cm photographs on methacrylate and a wood frame— the exhibition delves into the research that Aitor Ortiz (Bilbao, 1971) has been working on, about the relationships between photography and architecture, so intense in contemporary art.