Tamara Arroyo, Diana Larrea, Laura Torrado

Modern Tales

Dec 19 2007 - Jan 17 2008

I am interested in stories, fantastic tales, where by the sum of real elements and strange and inexplicable elements, there is a vacillation between a natural or a supernatural explanation, leaving the reader mired in uncertainty.
Unreality is one of the characteristics of art, it teaches us something taken out of context to make us think, reflect, dream.

The three artists, Tamara Arroyo, Diana Larrea and Laura Torrado, play in their works with the binomial of reality-unreality, both from sociological and artistic point of views.

Each one of the works is like a chapter in this story, it uses the previous one and helps to understand the next one; the three artists give their particular vision of this chimera but at the same time together they add strength to the general discourse.

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