Jaye Moon

Modern Living

Nov 7 - Dec 15, 2007

Max Estrella Gallery presents on the first exhibition in Spain of Korean artist Jaye Moon.

Moon's work, resident in New York and awarded by the Pollock Krasner Foudation, is composed of a series of sculptures of “useful appearance”; suitcases, briefcases and filing cabinets are the starting point for these objects that abandon their functionality to enter a world of multiple readings.

Jaye Moon reconstructs in a sophisticated way these everyday objects using Plexiglas and pieces from Lego construction sets.

If Plexiglas achieves a distant and elegant appearance, Lego windows and doors allow the viewer to “peek” inside some of the pieces that become small-scale buildings.

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Marcel Duchamp through his “Boite-en-Valise” already turned the suitcase into a work of art with his portable museum, Jaye Moon wanted to reuse these everyday objects to make another artistic rereading.

The result is finally a mix between the industrial and the sophisticated. These suitcases / briefcases / filing cabinets simultaneously look like contemporary buildings or portable intimate objects.

Her references range from Jeff Koons to Haim Steinbach, from minimal to pop, with a clear conceptual charge although with references to the daily routine of modern life.