Sandra Rein

Map of interiors during lockdown

Dec 11 - Dec 30, 2020

Max Estrella Gallery presented, in the midst of lockdown –in the first weeks of April 2020– the Intimate Project. Due to the circumstances, a microwebsite was launched: It was conceived as a reflection space for the gallery artists, with the intention of keeping company to anyone who wished to receive it during moments of great introspection.

During these months, artist Sandra Rein created a project in her Instagram account, where she proposed her followers to send her “a drawing of the interior of our homes, in order to build a map with all of them, a piece of collective art”. Both projects approached similar issues but from different perspectives. Sharing the intimate; reflections or objects that surround us and unveil our emotions.

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When the artist started receiving the drawings, she realized the importance of the conceptual and formal content that was there. The group, of approximately 200 drawings, includes works by professional artists, but also by amateurs. This exhibition presents a selection of the resulting drawings, coinciding with Eugenio Ampudia’s project “Concert for the Biocene”. This is not a coincidence: both projects push us to reflect on the direction that we are going.

Is the world we live in sustainable? This show looks inward, a point of view that is always worthwhile.

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