Mónica Sánchez-Robles

Language of the trees

Oct 27 - Nov 13, 2021

Max Estrella has the pleasure to present the work of Mónica Sánchez-Robles (Madrid, 1964) as part of Proyectos Estrella.

Sánchez-Robles is a Fine Arts Graduate from Complutense University. She lives and works between Madrid and La Vera (Cáceres).

Her work has been exhibited at the Salon des independents in Paris, the CAC Museum in Málaga and CentroCentro in Madrid.

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Since childhood, trees have been a recurrent theme in her work. She has represented them across different disciplines. When Sánchez-Robles launches her project in La Vera, Cáceres, she starts to treat trees as equals.

Culture, nature, climate change and, above all, regeneration are words that define this project.

When the artist started her research to favor the capturing of CO2, a whole new world opened with these living things. With help, she planted 300 trees and gave a new life to an abandoned tobacco drying house, turning it into a center and residence for creators in the rural area.

This is where, in full connection with the earth, Sánchez-Robles discovers the almost neuronal behavior of tree roots, which are used for communication among trees and with their environment. On this point, the artist starts questioning who she is and what her purpose is.

The installation presented in Max Estrella is an expression of a deep study of trees. The artist uses the versatility of old mediums, recycling them and turning them into artworks.

The central piece of the show is an 100-year-old Holm oak from Castile. This tree was chosen for its beauty and resistance, as a claim to contribute –just like ras de terra– to raise awareness about our attitude towards the regeneration of the planet.