Daniel Verbis

Hombre – L’Oeil

May 4 - Jun 9, 2001

Max Estrella Gallery presents “Hombre - L´Oeil”, an exhibition by Daniel G. Verbis in which the author wonders if painting is what one does or what one sees and if the “miracle of the painting” is not after all the miracle of vision.

In this sense, Verbis considers painting as something that is done on the margins of the painting itself. Along these lines, others of no less importance are emerging. Is what we see always what is most real? Painting is something more or less real, but what is painting really and to what do we give the status of painting? … Since man builds what he sees, it may also be that he decides what he sees as painting.

Engaged in this conceptual proposal, Verbis proposes an emotional journey in which the viewer will find a specific work in the gallery itself with wall-drawings, projections, light pieces and new paintings in an attempt to make visible some of the issues that we have mentioned . Thus continues a work that began 10 years ago and in which entering and leaving painting as it is usually understood is, according to Verbis, a way to “be able to continue painting”.

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