Germinacions – Ascensions – Emersions

Mar 21 - May 5, 2002

Amador (Pollenca, 1957) shows his last works at Max Estrella Gallery in Madrid.

As a procedural artist,  he is used to work with different languages where appear  the sculptural, the installation, the photography, the graphic work….etc. Focused on the representation of  human turned into minimal , schematic or symbolic appearance, mainly he uses polyester resin and bronze.

The resin polyester is the most used material, a substance defined by the artist as

“ insolent but with a virtue of light and transparency, with a taxidermist ability”.

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On this occasion he shows in Madrid an installation of  resin polyester screens and big size polyurethanes called  “Ascensions”. Also, it will be looked works of series “L’Home i la ciutat” made with resin polyester and photography. The exhibition is completed with the series “Emersions” where Amador inquires into reappearance and the hiding.

In addition he shows his well known “Germinacions”, that is made up of polyurethane sculptures and a Video that we could saw in  the organized exhibitions at Casal Solleric, at Michael Schultz Gallery of Berlin and in One-man-show in the ArtCologne 2000, in Köln Skulptur area. “Germinacions” are the result of procedure where Amador works directly in the earth, by building or tilling a hole where he throws liquid material that is expanding and turning solid. Those forms act as a  seed.

During the present year Amador is showing at Max Estrella gallery in Madrid, Löhrl Gallery of Monchengladbach, Angelika Harthan of Stuttgart, Michael Schultz of Berlin and at ARCO, ArtBrussels, ArtFrankfurt, Chicago and ArtBassel fairs.