Daniel Canogar


Jan 24 - Mar 8, 2008

Daniel Canogar, presents his new series "Enredos" at Max Estrella Gallery, after 5 years of absence in Madrid.

These works, created especially for the gallery, find a powerful symbol in the cobweb. These formidable and delicate structures serve as a metaphor for the artist to reflect on the networks of the society of information. In “Enredos”, the silk woven by the spider has been replaced by electrical, telephone and computer cables found in various junkyards and garbage dumps in the city of Madrid. In this way, the artist’s interest in electronic waste and the excesses of the consumer society continues. Through a large 3 by 5 meter photographic mural and a series of photographs and installations, the artist shows how we are all bound together by the wiring of the society of information, a network that we are paradoxically weaving together collectively. We get caught up in our own nets.