Aitor Ortiz


Jun 13 - Jul 29, 2000

Max Estrella Gallery presents during PhotoEspaña 2000, the exhibition "Destructuras", a selection of works by Aitor Ortiz (Bilbao, 1971) produced in the last three years.

It is a series of thirty large-format photographic images, made by combining digital techniques and computer graphics, from architectural shots taken with a technical camera. In this way, the artist manages to create a disturbing state in the photographed spaces, which, due to their simplicity, stillness and cleanliness, appear endowed with a monumental aesthetic. He plays with space and architecture until he achieves silent, timeless constructions, reduced to their most basic and elemental structures, capable of encompassing new metaphorical and artistic meanings.

Spaces where it is impossible to distinguish what situation they are in, if they are in the construction or destruction phase, but which manage to transmit a spiritual quality of eternity inherent in the architectural structure, nothing can be added or removed.

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Aitor Ortiz, recipient of the 1999 Villa de Madrid award in the photography section, is a young revelation artist selected by the Bilbao Guggenhein Museum to carry out the artistic photography work on the construction of the museum, and for the ARS & MACHINA exhibition, electrography art in the MIDE collection, among others.

His work can be found in collections such as the Guggenhein Museum in Bilbao, IVAM or the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.