Agustín Llanos

De luces y sombras

Jun 29 - Sep 17, 2005

Max Estrella Gallery presents a selection of the latest works by Agustín de Llanos, an artist considered by critics as a brilliant exponent of new abstraction in Spain. His compositions stand out for the great formal elegance in the reliefs, giving them a subtle three-dimensionality that is barely perceptible in some cases, resounding in others, without forgetting the formal references to the History of contemporary painting.

About twenty works of different formats have been selected. The aesthetics are framed within the constructive avant-garde, halfway between painting and sculpture, between two-dimensionality and volume. The common denominator continues to be a subtle treatment of wood, taking advantage the its texture and color of the cut boards, always combining it in some of its parts with a slight polychrome. The main axis Agustín de Llanos’ work is his devotion to matter, and the treatment of the idea of ​​space through compositions that, through their fragmentation into planes, reveal a continuous tension between the formless and the articulated, a singular mixture of fragility and elegance.