Mar 25 - May 8, 1999

Max Estrella gallery presents in this occasion an exhibit of the painter, sculptor and engraver Fernando Bellver, made up of pieces done during the year 1998.

The exhibit has fifteen sculptures made in wood, polyester, pigments and wax, with four works made out of steel, a sculpture in bronze and work on paper. The use of wax, a complex technique used by Egyptians and Romans, gives large significance to an exhibit already embedded with meaning.

The exhibit focuses on the concept of beauty that cult objects of antique religions have.

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Fernando Bellver has created a series of doors elaborated from Egyptian, African, Mexican and Hindu cultures. The door has always been an element full of symbolism in very different cultures: the rite of passage to sacredness, the transit to the spiritual, frontier, protection, source of energy…

The large four pieces (240 x 154 cms.), whose titles are East Door, West Door, North Door and South Door, as well as others titled Water Door, Fire Door, Air Door and Earth Door, play with the mystic significance given throughout history to the number four, number in which large part of the measurements that make up these pieces are based and large part of man’s mysticism.

Each piece is a totem whose proportion, material and mysterious reliefs reveal a transcendence large than the object itself.