Stéphane Couturier

Stephane Couturier was born in France, in 1957. His work can be found in over 50 major museum and collections around the world, including Musée de l’Elysée, Centre Georges Pompidou, Los Angeles County Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, National Gallery of Canada, or the Grand-Duc Jean Museum in Luxembourg. Moreover, Couturier was awarded the Nicephore Niepce prize in 2003, the 1999 Grant of Ville de Paris, and the Prix Paris-Photo in 1998 to name a few.​

The photographs of Stephane Couturier, whether of construction sites in Berlin, demolished buildings in Havana, or an automobile assembly plant in Valenciennes, are all about transformation, a subject he explores with a strong sense of design and composition and a specific sense of color. For some years now, alongside framed photographic prints, Couturier has been experimenting with other wall forms and materials: tapestry, or modular works, from wallpaper to polyptychs, playing on repetition and a different physical relationship between the viewer and the image. This desire to explore new forms has also led him to pursue work with video, in line with his photographic practice.Stéphane Couturier thus questions the allegedly objective nature of the photographic medium: the image becomes a material. From this material, a machine to construct a combination of shapes which continuously updates the recorded reality is born.