Daniel Canogar

Storming Times Square

Jul 24, 2014

Using methods of public intervention and video installation, Storming Times Square is a project that symbolically releases our fantasies of overcoming imposed obstacles in our lives. Engaging individuals as spectators and participants, a staged interaction took place between a “stormed” site and collected imagery of a virtual public.

The video display content was the result of a public-participation performance. In the first phase of the project (July 24-30, 2014) the local Times Square community, celebrities and neighborhood pedestrians were invited to walk, crawl and be creative over a green-screen surface while being captured by an over-head video camera. The result was a dynamic video animation with both realistic and abstract forms that was screened on LED billboards in Times Square (September 1-30, 2014).

Storming Times Square is born from a desire to have viewers project themselves, literally and metaphorically, onto their immediate environments. This public art project is Daniel Canogar’s largest to date in New York City.

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Photo and video credit: Daniel Canogar, Sofía Montenegro, Ka-Man Tse, Clint Spaulding, Sara Kinney, Chris Romero.